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Quiet Countries is.
Since 2003 Leb Borgerson has been using synths, drum machines, live looping devices, guitars and various oddball instruments to create a catalog of music singular in style and highly personal in nature. From the densely orchestrated and intricately developed compositions of No One Makes a Sound (Lucky Madison Records) to the more playful and beat oriented songs from The Karate Williams Diaries (Central Service Records), to the synthpop and post-rock inspired intensity of The Ancient Motorcade, Borgerson has worked to manipulate strange sounds, melodies, and harmonies and bend them into familiar forms and shapes, creating a highly stylized take on popular music and it's various offshoots.

An accomplished producer, Leb has done remixes for acts like MC Frontalot, Reporter, and Blue Cranes, won numerous Portland beat competitions, and produced music for companies like Fuel TV, Fox Broadcasting, and Arkham NW. Borgerson has also performed and collaborated with some of the NW's finest (Talkdemonic, Point Juncture WA, Alan Singley, Darren Smith, Arman Bohn).
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